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Pagodas telts priekšrocības

Laiks: 2023-04-24 Rezultāti: 4

Pagodas telts, also called Chinese Hat Liela telts for its unique peak roof. As the very popular tent types, pagoda tent can use as separated unite alone or connected with the big marquee tent for some unique function, widely for outdoor weddings, exhibitions, parties and festivals etc, popular sizes including 3m x 3m, 4m x 4m, 5m x 5m, 6x6m etc.

1.Modular, it can be extended or disassembled into several small tents.

2.Convenient to assemble and disassemble from one place to another.

3.Aluminum frame will not rust, and the service life of more than 15 years.

4.PVC cover board waterproof, fireproof, service life 8-10 years.

5. It can be used in harsh environments and it can be very convenient.

The Characteristics of Pagoda Tent

1.The pagoda tent is widely used in various wedding events, temporary warehouses and workshops, exhibitions, and other outdoor activities. It is more flexible in size than the big tent, which makes it more convenient.

2.In addition, if you want to use it alone, the pagoda tent can be used as an entrance to a large mobile tent, a reception tent for a kāzu telts, a temporary space for outdoor outreach, or a backyard lounge and so on.

3.Last but not least, several pagoda tents can be combined to form a tent group, suitable for the need for a special shape of the large space, such as a booth, wedding, or event and so on.